Nick Moss’s “Privileged” simply rocks


Nick Moss has been well known for playing a traditionally-steeped Chicago blues for years, but his latest album, “Privileged”, is blues with a distinctive rock flair. This album has been one of the most talked about and well received in the blues scene this year, and in good reason; it’s simply great.

Nick’s songwriting skills shine through the tracks. His self-penned songs often share stories that ambiguously mirror our tumultuous times, oxandrolone kopen and it’s effect on the human condition. It’s a contemporary lyrical throwback to what so much of the blues has always been about: challenges facing people, and overcoming them through music. For good measure, Nick adds in a scorching cover of Cream’s old twelve bar “Politician”. Of course, just like there’s more to Nick than traditional Chicago, the album still packs a deeper blues punch. “Georgia Redsnake” is a mesmerizing, stompin’ slide blues number that practically forces the listener to stomp their foot to the beat! “Louise” is a wonderful delta-soaked throwback to Howlin’ Wolf, and there’s even a jazzy, blues-rock instrumental in “Bolognious Funk” that brings it down funky you can smell it!
Ultimately, Privileged will please a broad blues palette, and truly demonstrates the skill and diversity of Nick Moss as an artist. This could be one of the best contemporary blues albums out this year.

Track Listing
01. Born Leader
02. Louise
03. Georgia Redsnake
04. Privileged At Birth
05. Politician
06. She’s So Fine (Born Blind)
07. Tear ’Em Down
08. For What It’s Worth
09. Why Should I Care
10. Your Love’s A Lie
11. Bolognious Funk