Catfish & Cotton; Third Report from the Road


This is the second editorial from the desk of Marc Borms, who, along with his brother Luc, are currently undertaking and documenting their amazing 4,500 mile trip through the depths of Mississippi’s Delta in search of the blues and the people that make it up.  Their trip will be made into a forthcoming book, Catfish & Cotton.

When I’m dead and no longer here…

A good day starts with a good breakfast., and you can’t beat Connie’s Kitchen in Leland. Connie’s a lovely lady, who cooks and serves a great home made breakfast with a smile. Just like mom does.

Randy Magee opened the Highway 61 Museum and gave us a private guided tour. We saw Pat Thomas again, got a lot of cat-drawings and heard a great story about James “son” Thomas and Nancy Reagan. You’ll have to read our upcoming book, Catfish & Cotton, if you want to find out what it’s about!!

Randy took us to the house of Eddie Cusic and his wife. Feels like coming home. Great gentleman. We interviewed Eddie. Although he has the reputation that he doesn’t like interviews, he had some great stories to tell. And yes… I was honored to play some harmonica while Eddie played guitar. It felt like heaven. Check him out; he one of the real old bluesmen of the Delta.

Then we went to the house of Eden Brent. Great God almighty, what a lady, what a piano player, what a great voice and what a lovely lady she is!! I’m all a shook up…. Marc and Eden played piano, 4 hands – 2 hearts! Had some fun, heard some great stories. Went to eat and drink in “Spectator’s” on Walnut Street (great food) and then crossed the street to see a blues concert in the Walnut Street Blues Club. Eden introduced us to John Horton, a great guy and great guitar player. We had a great evening. It’s easy to love you, Eden. Thanks…

Don’t forget to go to Indianola to see the B.B. King Museum. It contains great video and audio of the King of the Blues.

Next day was mostly dedicated to the deceased. We went to Holly Ridge, MS to see the grave of Willy Foster and Charley Patton, drove to Avalon, got lost deep in the woods of the Mississippi hills, but finally found the house and grave of Mississippi John Hurt, thanks Mr Bailey. And then we drove back to Greenwood to see the grave of Robert Johnson (the one and only real one, near the Mt Zion church). Tried to do some more interviews but that didn’t go well.

Listen here you “Mississippians”, we have something to say to you….

When I’m dead, when I’m gone, when I’m no longer here.
Burn my body and spread my ashes, on Roberts Johnson’s grave….
(Free interpretation of a song by Rudy Van den Nest – a great Belgian blues singer)

We’re really getting “southernized”!!