Samantha Fish's Black Wind Howlin' Will Get You Moving

Black Wind Howlin' Cover
Samantha Fish
Black Wind Howlin’
Ruf Records
September 2013

Do you want to hear some music that will have you “Rockin’ The Joint” no matter where you are? Look no further, because this release is the one you’ve been looking for. Seriously, we dare you to try to sit still when Samantha Fish’s music is playing. We know how we like our music and this has all the elements. We like ours to get us up and moving and stomping our feet. That is exactly what Black Wind Howlin’, from Samantha Fish does. This 12-song album to be released in September on Germany’s Ruf Records promises to be another breath of fresh air for the blues genre. It does not disappoint.

The first song, “Miles To Go,” is as rocking as they come these days, while still staying under the blues umbrella — not that we care much about labeling music. We just like like good music and this is good music. And sure this might not be 12 strictly blues songs in a row on here… there might be a  song or two that boasts deep country influences. We were hooked somewhere around the 10 second mark of the first song… Or more likely, the first note. Sam clearly has complete control over the guitar; she knows what to do and when to do it. Black Wind Howlin’ was brilliantly produced by another American Blues Scene favorite, Mike Zito. Mike somehow harnessed the energy of this very talented beauty from Kansas City and channeled it into all the right places.

If you’ve ever seen Samantha Fish live, you know how hard she rocks on stage. But that doesn’t always translate to a rockin’ album for some artists. Sam, however, has absolutely no problem carrying that energy into the studio. She also avoided the dreaded sophomore jinx — this is definitely a step up for her, and that’s saying something, because we thoroughly enjoyed and wore out her 2011 release, Runaway.

Track 4, “Sucker Born” is raunchy and sexy and beautiful… Just the way we like our blues sometimes. Her vocals are steamy and powerful. Her guitar work is gutsy and flawless. Samantha showcases her mad guitar skills on much of the album, including the title track, “Black Wind Howlin’. Her guitar solo on this tune will rival anything out there today, but in stark contrast, “Let’s Have Some Fun” is a stripped down acoustic tune with Fish showing that she is more than a pretty face with lots of distortion. This is pure, raw music and it comes from her soul.

It’ll be challenging to pick a stand out track, but the title track “Black Wind Howlin'” rocks, and so does the opener, “Miles To Go”. That said, we’d suggest to not try and pick a favorite here and just listen to whole thing! Front to back, this CD helps further stake out Samantha’s little piece of ground in the blues landscape. Her guitar work is top shelf, her vocals powerful when they need to be, soft and sultry when she needs go that route. Pick this CD up when you get the chance; you will not regret it!

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