Anni Piper Sizzles on 'More Guitars Than Friends'


anni piper cvr guitarsSince moving to America a year ago, Australia’s “First Lady of the Blues” has got it going on. One of many Australian artists whose music is sweeping across the American landscape, Anni Piper brings with her blues that is vibrant, exciting, campy, and exuberant. Her latest release on Sugar Daddy Records, More Guitars Than Friends, is no exception.

One of the delights of Anni Piper is she really loves what she does and for her, music is not work, it is joy. This is quite evident on this latest release. Featuring great production, good sound quality, and a vibrant, breathable mix, More Guitars Than Friends is a delicious groove from start to finish. Along with Piper, whose bass-lines and vocals caress the music adeptly, her fellow musicians are equally adroit at shaping these lucious tracks. Dave Kury plays guitar, Frank Hetzler is on drums and percussion, and on keyboards we have Mike Franklin. Sam Zambito plays a mean trumpet, Charlie de Chant tears it up on sax, and backing vocal textures are painted by Tim Franklin, Dave Kury, and Frank Hetzler.

We enjoyed the entire album, and listeners will as well. However, we did have our favorite cuts. Piper and company give us a spunky, upbeat “Just a Little Bit,” and the title track is an engaging slow and smokey club cut that works very well. “Cold Pizza and Warm Beer” is humorous and features a very savvy vocal that sets this track off perfectly. “I’m Lost Without You” is an interesting version of what we used to refer to as a “torch song,” brandishing a Latin infused beat with superb guitar lines. “Blackberry Brandy” is a laid-back, carefree, country saloon flavored beauty that lures us onto the back porch for a glass of tea.

More Guitars Than Friends is just a good time that puts a smile on your face, and in your heart. The songs here are well written, well recorded, and played with a whole lot of love. We are enjoying this album immensely, and looking forward to Piper’s next release. Audition More Guitars Than Friends soon, through a great set of headphones. This is an album that really cries out for that.

More Guitars Than Friends
16 Tracks
Run Time: 38 Minutes
Sugar Daddy Records

Anni Piper