Back in the fourth quarter of 2010 when we founded ABS, aside from a small number of enthusiastic bloggers, there was little structured information or reliable content revolving specifically around blues music. We decided to reliably publish regular content not only about the most exciting contemporary acts, but also the broad, sometimes hidden history of the blues genre and the incredible ways it has shaped not only the country, but the world’s culture.  Nearly 1,500 articles and ten thousand miles of travel later, we’re continuing to pioneer quality music content for a blues and roots fanbase.

Along the way we’ve become the most popular blues music website on the internet, amassed over 150,000 fans on social media who interact with our fun and engaging content every day, and tens of thousands of readers per month. The best part is that we haven’t even scraped the surface of the deep well of interesting stories int he blues. It’s our promise to continue to bring you the very best in blues music!