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Chicago Blues

WORLD PREMIERE: Mississippi Heat's "Come To Mama"

Hear Mississippi Heat call up the "La Cucaracha" ghost of Big Walter Horton on this highly-danceable, brand new track!

Johnnie Johnson to Receive Congressional Gold Medal

Johnson endured racism and inspired social change while integrating the previously all-white Marine Corps.
Willie Big Eyes Smith FEATURED

Willie "Big Eyes" Smith Passes Away

We are deeply saddened to report that Willie "Big Eyes" Smith passed away early the morning of September 16, 2011 at his home in Chicago from a stroke. All arrangements are pending and information will be forthcoming.

C.C. Rider the Venerator: Bo Diddley on the Ed Sullivan Show

It’s arguable that the Ed Sullivan Variety Show did more for popular music than any other TV program. Introduced America to the Beatles, to Elvis Presley. That show gave most people their first taste of Rock n’ Roll. But it wasn’t Elvis who did it...
Stop Breakin Down FEATURED

A Brief History of "Stop Breakin' Down Blues"

Robert Johnson's famous "Stop Breakin' Down" has been recorded by Clapton, the Stones, the White Stripes & Junior Wells, it's seen it's day in court and, over 70 years, has become a landmark blues song.

New Exhibit in Chicago Area Brings Chicago Blues to Life

The Blues: From the Heart and Soul brings the sound and feel of the Chicago blues scene to the galleries of the Lake County Discovery Museum in the Chicago area.
Buddy Guy - When I Left Home FEATURED

Buddy Guy's Autobiography "When I Left Home" Released Today

Buddy Guy's long-anticipated book on his life, "When I Left Home" has finally hit store shelves.
Bruce Iglauer & Professor Longhair

Alligator Records' Bruce Iglauer a "Chicagoans of the Year" by Chicago Tribune

Long time captain of likely most successful blues label since Chess Records given prestigious honor.

Robin Trower Bemoans the State of Today’s Blues

"With all due respect to Mr. Trower's age, experience, and musical knowledge, I must reply, poppycock!"

Reverend Billy C. Wirtz’s Blues Sermons Make Fans Smile

"I heard rock and roll music for the first time when I was 10, and right away, it just changed everything. I heard blues for the first time when I was 12. I got the 'Paul Butterfield Blues Band' album, and it changed everything."
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