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Kevin Sutton & The WIRED! Band

The Wired Band is one of the most power-packed bands, trio or not, in the Northwest, and they have won the bragging rights to compete to the IBC in Memphis, representing the Washington Blues Society for the second straight year.

Paul Thorn Talks King Biscuit, Upcoming Projects and Inspiration

"Going out, living, and writing about what you know, that's where songs come from."

Walter Trout's Wife Discusses the Time Bomb of Waiting for an Organ Transplant

Walter Trout has been hospitalized for over two months, in and out of the ICU, and has been ill for over a year with end-stage liver disease....

Eric Clapton and Friends Honor JJ Cale with "The Breeze"

This musician's contributions to blues, country, and rock music have been immense. In fact, still to this day, most people are not fully aware of all that he contributed to the world of music.
International Blues Challenge FEATURED

International Blues Challenge Information

Find out the tentative times and dates for the International Blues Challenge.

Tech Pan Alley: The Wah Pedal

Following with our guitar signal path, here at Tech Pan Alley, we are now passing to the next stage, the stompboxes.

Matt Schofield Delivers With “As Far As I Can See”

Schofield’s playing is right on the money, with fine tone, and feel throughout. The band does an excellent job, not just backing him, but as active, integral contributors to the success of these performances.

"Fifth Beatle" Sir George Martin Dead at 90

Not only did he offer new perspectives on how music could be written and arranged, but he brought vision to how music could be presented as well.

The Stones Aren’t Old, They’re Just Older

Blues is an old man’s game. Rock and roll is about youthful aggression. The Rolling Stones, now all in their early to mid-70s, don’t play by either genre’s rules, but meet the two in the middle.

Katy Guillen & The Girls' Monster New Album "Heavy Days" Out Today

"...along with Guillen's expressive guitar lines, Claire Adams lays down melodic bass lines with Tal Wilkenfeld finesse and sensibility, while Stephanie Williams, with deft hands, does so much more than just keep time and move the beat on drums."
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