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Roomful Of Blues' "45 Live" Is Elegant

This entire album is a great listen; because the recording and mix is so well executed, the presentation of the performances is elegant, rich, clear, and has a lot of depth! Everyone is at the top of their game here.

The Beautiful Brass Soul of The Memphis Horns' Wayne Jackson

A man who played on eighty gold records and crafted the sound that would define the city of Memphis, who was loved by Elvis and Otis, is just happy to be able to play his horn and make a living.

2013 Blues Music Awards WINNERS

The 34th annual Blues Music Awards WINNERS are being announced and this is the LATEST LIST!

BREAKING: Prince Is Dead at 57

"This is what quality funk and soul sounds like. Remember?"
Dana Fuchs at JazzBones in Tacoma, Washington (Photo: Carolyn Frye)

Dana Fuchs, the Force of Nature

American female Blues singer with a raw sexuality, ideally with unruly hair and, oh yes, a voice that erupts like the entire field of the Daytona 500 blowing past and nobody’s having engine trouble.

Music Maker Relief Foundation Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Celebration includes museum exhibition, comprehensive two-disc set, new book, and more!
Blue Bella Revue at Rum Boogie Cafe on Beale Street

IBC Coverage: Blue Bella Revue

The Blue Bella Blues, Rock and Soul Revue is finally here! Blue Bella Records will be showcasing Nick Moss and the Flip Tops, Kilborn Alley, and the newcomer Steepwater Band at Rum Boogie

Memphis Horns, Famous Soul Sidemen, Receive Grammy Lifetime Achievement

The Memphis Horns, Wayne Jackson and Andrew Love, have received the prestigious Grammy Lifetime Achievement award. The duo's vast collection of musical accomplishments are almost unmatched.
Residents and friendly convicts wrk side-by-side to help bring the Cleveland Crosstie Arts & Jazz Festival to life. In the background are the steps where W.C. Handy decided to make the blues his life's ambition.

This Week in Blues Past: The Queen of Soul, The Father of the Blues,...

A history of Jeff Healy, the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin, and the "Bonanza All Star Blues LP" by Spivey Records all in This Week in Blues Past!

Mike Wheeler Is A Self Made Man

Wheeler is from the school of "I will let my guitar do the talking." He knows when to let loose, and when to let things breathe a bit. He does not try to impress with a million notes in 12 bars. All his playing makes sense, is for the betterment of the song, and every note belongs right where he plays it.
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