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Breaking News



New Musical Works Added to Grammy Hall of Fame

The Recording Academy has announced 25 new musical works that will be added to the Grammy Hall of Fame this year.

Recording Academy Adds New Blues Category and Streaming to Grammy Awards

"...there will now be two categories replacing the former Best Blues Album: Best Traditional Blues Album and Best Contemporary Blues Album."

National Blues Museum Named Affiliate of GRAMMY Museum

As an affiliate, the National Blues Museum now has the opportunity to utilize the many technical and cultural facets of the GRAMMY Museum, including exhibitions, research and educational programs, internship programs for college students, and professional development seminars.
Robert Johnson Commemoration FEATURED

Grammy Hall Of Fame Inducts "Sweet Home Chicago" is reporting that the Grammy Hall of Fame has inducted Robert Johnson's famous Chicago anthem into it's exclusive and prestigious ranks.
Gaby Moreno

Hugh Laurie's bandmate, Gaby Moreno wins Latin Grammy for Best New Artist

The 14th Annual Latin Grammy Awards were held yetserday at Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas and Latin Blues singer Gaby Moreno came up big.

Robert Santelli: Blues is the Great American Art Form

In anticipation of Robert's upcoming speech in Saint Louis for the National Blues Museum, we sat down to discuss his museum work, the influence (and lack of influence) the blues has had on popular music, his writing, and the special things that make music museums truly great.
JJ Cale (Photo by Jane Richey)

BREAKING: JJ Cale, Hit Songwriter and Musician, Passed Away

J.J. Cale was best known for the songs ‘After Midnight’ and ‘Cocaine’, covered by Eric Clapton as well as ‘Crazy Mama’ and ‘Call Me The Breeze’. Born John Weldon Cale in 1938, Cale recorded 14 studio albums as well as his collaboration album with Clapton ‘The Road To Escondido’.
Tedeschi Trucks Band - Photo by James Minchin FEATURED

Derek Trucks and the Difference Between Discipline & Obsession

Derek talks the family vibe of having an 11 piece band, bringing substance back to American music, how being a "orphan band" eventually helped them cross genres, and playing with B.B. King, Keith Richards, Wynton Marsalis

American Blues Scene Officially Endorses Presidential Candidate

It is the mission of this publication to celebrate, expose, & enhance the enriching art form known as the Blues & what it's inspired. It is for these reasons that the American Blues Scene is endorsing a presidential candidate.

Memphis Horns, Famous Soul Sidemen, Receive Grammy Lifetime Achievement

The Memphis Horns, Wayne Jackson and Andrew Love, have received the prestigious Grammy Lifetime Achievement award. The duo's vast collection of musical accomplishments are almost unmatched.
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