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Music Festivals and Events

Bobby Rush and Mizz Lowe at King Biscuit

On the road with Bridging the Blues: It's King Biscuit Time

Bridging the Blues continues!! This time, we finally crossed the state line into Arkansas, but more Bridging events in Tennessee and Mississippi couldn't keep us for long. King Biscuit is finally here!
Old Crow Medicine Show at Mighty Mississippi Music Festival

On The Road for Bridging the Blues: Mighty Mississippi kicks off the Big Week

As a wind blew in off of the Mississippi River, the Mighty Mississippi kicked off the big three-state Bridging the Blues affair with deep blues and everything delta residents and fans of the music and area love! Tomorrow is even more!

Bluesland Unites! Bridging the Blues Spans Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee

Fourth annual celebration of regional culture features over two weeks of live music and hundreds of musicians

Mavis Staples and Joan Osborne Together at the Arc of Their Careers

To say that Joan Osborne is pleased to be co-headlining with Mavis Staples, one of her strongest influences, would be a gross understatement. Both strong women are at the peaks of their careers as their new tour kicks off.
Ted Drozdowski at 2014 Juke Joint Festival

Ted Drozdowski and The Scissormen – Authentic, Innovative and A Tad Eccentric

I never thought I’d call a blues band “authentic” that splashed a heavy dollup of Ramones punk attitude onto a bed of alien invasion smoothy guitars, but Ted Drozdowski’s Scissormen are unquestionably authentic.

Ascencia in L.A. Announced Urban Blues Festival benefitting the Homeless, f. Walter Trout, Guitar...

Ascencia, a Glendale based organization dedicated to raising people out of homelessness, announced that it will hold its first-ever Urban Blues Festival on Aug. 29
Jaomies Jazz Band at the Portland Waterfront Blues Fest (Photo courtesy of the great Marilyn Stringer)

Jaimoe and the Band Wax Poetic About Jaimoe's Jasssz Band

“We all are professional musicians, and we all do bring unique energy into the band as well as musicality. The chemistry that Jaimoe brought together makes a unique sound...”

Tony Coleman: Remembering the King

American Blues Scene spoke recently with Tony Coleman who is best known for his 29 years as B.B. King’s drummer.

The Elegant Allen Toussaint

The New Orleans great discusses his friend B.B. King, his appearance in the HBO series Treme, The Stones covering his music, losing everything in Katrina, and how New Orleans music is coming back strong!

Youth Music Project Premieres at Waterfront Blues Festival

"Youth Music Project" is the name of an elite group of teenaged musicians who will make their debut at the Waterfront Blues Festival this year...
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