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Carlos Elliot Jt - Crossroads FEATURED

Carlos Elliot, Jr: How a Colombian Discovered the Blues

Growing up in Colombia some 2200 miles away from Clarksdale, Mississippi, didn’t stop Carlos Elliot, Jr. from feeling a mystic connection the first time he heard Blues music...
Chris Antonik

Chris Antonik is a Hard Working, Sharp Dressing Canadian Bluesman

We recently spoke with Chris Antonik, the hard working, sharp dressing Canadian blues guitarist and vocalist who's gaining a lot of support in the blues community!

Best of American Blues Scene; Gregg Allman & Buddy Guy Interviews

Best of American Blues Scene; Gregg Allman & Buddy Guy Interviews

Detroit's Eliza Neals Heats Things Up with Her Rocking Blues

Actually, I was supposed to go to Vienna and be an opera singer. They told me I could really do something big in opera, but, my heart is in the blues ...

Bill Wax Gets Serious about Sirius

Bill Wax talks about why he left BB King's Bluesville on Sirius XM, the impact they were making on the popular station, and "the huge gorilla in the room"

Muddy Waters and Friends Live and in Living Colors on new DVD

if Muddy’s performance at the Newport Folk Festival in 1958 didn’t cement that reputation on film, the Sony Legacy DVD Soundstage Blues Summit in Chicago, 1974 does.

To Reba Russell, King Biscuit Is What’s Real

Reba is as raw as her back story, and talking to her is like peeling back the skin of an onion. The meatier it gets, the more you cry.
Reverend Peyton FEATURED

Juke Joint Festival Coverage — Reverend Peyton and his Big Damn Band Interview

The good reverend opened up about his (now formerly) secret upcoming new album, it's (now not secret!) name, and the band's deceptively powerful, unique sound that's made them a major crossover success while maintaining staunchly loyal to the old school blues that was their influence

Juke Joint Festival — Dave Beardsley talks National Blues Museum

Listen up to hear all about the National Blues Museum, the good it's already doing for the blues community, and how one localized blues scene is thriving and exploding with the support of a very successful website.

Samantha Fish Talks Songwriting Direction, Her Journey into Deep Blues, and Hannah Montana

Fish describes her new album, her hilarious first gig (a painful Hannah Montana cover), scary trips on the road, and working hard on her direction as a songwriter and guitarist.
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