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Mr Sip Guitar Win FEATURED

IBC Winner Mr. Sipp & The Deepest Blues in Vicksburg: Authentic, Energetic, Bluesy

Vicksburg's got Blues. And now the whole world knows it.

Lance Lopez: Texas Guitar Slinger is Just a Product of His Environment

Lance Lopez was only five years old when he first held a guitar. He knew then, that was his calling...
Robert Plant 2012

Plant Teases Australian Media About Possible Led Zeppelin Reunion

“You need to see the Capricorns – I’ve got nothing to do in 2014.” this is the statement Robert Plant made over the weekend to members of the Australian media and to us it sounds like he's open to another get together with Page and Jones.

Tom Keifer talks the Blues, Cinderella and the Music Industry

First of all, they were rooted in the blues, in fact on Long Cold Winter the song Bad Seamstress Blues might have been the first introduction of the blues to a largely unsuspecting audience.
Roots n Blues FEATURED 1

The Blue Note's Richard King talks Roots n Blues Festival

We recently sat down with Richard King, owner of the prestigious live music venue, The Blue Note to talk about this weekend's Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival!

Brandon Santini Finds Harmonica-Driven Success in the Big City

Santini moved from his home to Memphis with a dream and a plan -- one that's rapidly coming to fruition as his successes continue to grow.

Adam Lambert Guitarist Tommy Joe Ratliff is a Blues Player, Guyliner or Not

Why is an international pop sensation featured on a blues magazine? Because, as Tommy Joe can testify, the blues still continues to influence even the most popular music on the airwaves.

Juke Joint Festival Coverage – An interview with Reverend K.M. Williams

We got the chance to speak with the powerful Texas cannonball Reverend K.M. Williams, an ordained minister and a striking modern version of old Texas country bluesmen like Lightnin' Hopkins and guitar evangelists like Blind Willie Johnson. Check out what K.M. had to say!

Canaphonic Records Revives the Edison Cylinder

Thomas Edison once said that he finds out what the world needs, then tries to invent it. Now one man is reviving a long-dormant need that Edison himself once fulfilled!
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