Paul Thorn Talks King Biscuit, Upcoming Projects and Inspiration

"Going out, living, and writing about what you know, that's where songs come from."

Doyle Bramhall II Steps Out

"So; you can’t just start this record and hurry along. You actually have to listen to it."

Tinsley Ellis Says "Make Your Album for Your Fans"

"Make your album for your fans. You can’t go wrong, and that’s what we did."

Katy Guillen & The Girls Are Creating Their Own Sound

Its what you come up with when you're not thinking about fitting into a niche or genre, but when you're having fun.

A Glimpse Into Memphis Blues Dynamo Jeff Jensen

"I want to do everything I can to inspire people and help make people’s lives better, even if its just for the night."

Cristie Healey On Jeff Healey's Strength and Why His New Album Matters

I think people will be thrilled with the diversity of this album. The passion behind it; it is electrifying on some tracks and can bring you to tears on other ones.

Mike Zito Talks About Making Music, Success and the State of the Blues

Things are fun for me. I'm very lucky. I get to make records, play and make music.

Honest Music Is Everything to J.D. Simo

I love them very much. We’re brothers. We love each other like brothers, we fight like brothers, and we make up like brothers. It’s a team!

Walter Trout Is Back – Alive, Grateful, Humble, Better Than Ever

I had to relearn how to talk, I couldn't speak; I didn't recognize my kids. I had to relearn how to walk again. Basically, I was gone.

The Blues Journey of Mick Kolassa

I think part of it is that blues is this great big tent, and there's all kinds of blues, and I love all of it.
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