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Odds Lane Spends a ‘Last Night on Cherokee’

"The music that we make, that's honest. That's us. Its what we do."

Robert Santelli: Blues is the Great American Art Form

In anticipation of Robert's upcoming speech in Saint Louis for the National Blues Museum, we sat down to discuss his museum work, the influence (and lack of influence) the blues has had on popular music, his writing, and the special things that make music museums truly great.

The Ben Miller Band, or How Found Objects Became Instrumental in the Sound of...

If you don't know "Ozark Grunge", you're about to.

Interview with bluesman Nakia from NBC's hit show The Voice

Nakia is the Austin-based blues singing rocker that gained national notoriety on NBC's smash hit The Voice. We caught up with Nakia just when he was hitting the road on The Voice tour.

EXCLUSIVE: Mike Zito Opens Up About Leaving Royal Southern

Just after the announcement that he would be leaving Royal Southern Brotherhood, Zito sat down with ABS to discuss in detail what really happened, moving forward, and knowing himself.

Interview with Hamilton Loomis out on the Back Porch

We sat down with the hard-working blues and soul man Hamilton Loomis, where he talked about his Stax/Volt influences and bar-b-qin' and being mentored by Bo Diddley.
Trampled Under Foot

A (Great) Conversation with Danielle Schnebelen of Trampled Under Foot

About being a woman in the blues, an all-diva festival, the K.C. Blues community, & new album!

Hugh Laurie's Blues: Olympian Gods, Music Tattoos, and Otis Spann

Hugh Laurie has a spirited discussion about an emotional moment after playing with Dr John, how all human life is in the blues, Jelly Roll Morton being an "olympian god" of music, and trying to introduce Bessie Smith to someone new.

Fife & Drom – Featured Interview from Reverbnation

Fife & Drom is the brain-child of Abby Ahmad and Mark Marshall and after a charity gig they played together where they focused on the blues, they realized they'd stumbled onto something fantastic.

The Fast Track with Eve Monsees

"I want to feel like what I do is appreciated and also because it’s blues, just the idea of helping carry on that tradition."
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