Music Video

Cee Cee James, The Vocal Volcano

If you've never seen or heard Cee Cee James before, once you do, you'll wonder why not! With a rich, wildly soulful sound, James is winning fans across the country and the world.

World Premiere Track From Ronnie Baker Brooks

Second generation Chicago bluesman, Ronnie Baker Brooks, will be releasing his first album in ten years on January 20th, 2017.

Sneak Peek at New Rik Emmett and RESolution9 Song

"For those who love guitar solos, this one is headed straight for your wheelhouse."
Buddy Guy and B.B. King

New Buddy Guy & B.B. King Video!

Here's a music video featuring the amazing duet between Buddy and B.B King on Buddy Guy's new album "Living Proof"

Odds Lane Spends a ‘Last Night on Cherokee’

"The music that we make, that's honest. That's us. Its what we do."

Bruce Willis doing the Hip Shake…

Bruce Willis doing the "Hip Shake".

Video: Leadbelly Sings "On A Christmas Day"

We hope you all have a great Christmas day. We like to believe Leadbelly is talking about the joy around the world in this music video.

Was the Rolling Stones First Hit Song Snap, Crackle, Pop?

Whether or not it was the first rock and roll commercial jingle, it definitely opened the door for many other bands to cut them.

Take a Sneak Peek at New Walter Trout Album, "ALIVE In Amsterdam"

Folks out there who have not seen Trout live, and witnessed the juggernaut he has become, are truly missing out!

Newly Discovered Film Emerges of Louis Armstrong in the Studio From 1959

"The film has spent the past six decades in private hands or in a storage locker. Not even the most diligent Armstrong researchers knew it existed."
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